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Awọn oludari ti Ọfiisi Igbimọ Aabo Ounje ti Ijọba Eniyan Agbegbe Hunan, ṣabẹwo si Huacheng Biotech.

Akoko: 2023-07-21 Deba: 29

On July 4, Liao Jian, deputy director of the Food Safety Committee Office of Hunan Province; Peoples Government, visited Huacheng Biotech on food safety.

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The research team has a detailed understanding of the companys research and development, production, sales and future development.

Checked the implementation of food safety production measures such as Huacheng Biotech Exhibition Hall, production workshop, equipment, and operating procedures.

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Huacheng Biotech manages quality and production in strict accordance with ISO and other standards, and implements excellent performance management. Its quality management level and independent innovation ability are in the leading position in the same industry in China, and it has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.

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